Takes pleasure in his “Bum-bot” creation

Folks, one can only assume that this sort of smut-captioning is in direct, mocking response to my slight misreading of an R. Kelly caption a few weeks back.  Now, yes, I know, the singer was acquitted of all pee-related charges and my coverage may not have exactly been fair and balanced, but CNN, you have to be a fool to think I’d fall for more of your sexually suggestive captioning. I mean, dangling a photo of a clearly gentile American business owner and claiming that he’s “tak[ing] pleasure in his ‘Bum-bot’ creation”? Please. Once I sink my teeth into that one, I’m sure you’ll then tell me that Terrell’s “true” pleasure comes from the fact that the Bum-bot passes out Werther’s Originals to sad-sack (read: bummed) orphans. Nice try.


Oh, and I suppose you thought you were pretty clever with the whole “Cops frown on his spraying of water at people” too. Thought I might interpret that as wild, old-man spray peeing, huh (though it’s a serious condition, look it up)? Nope. My guess here is that you’re referring to Terrell’s part time gig as a circus clown, one known for his comic water ballooning of equally clown-clad police officers.


What I learned: I can hear you laughing, Blitzer! Laughing!



~ by Brian Timmerman on June 26, 2008.

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