Remains buried in one


Folks, I’ve been saying it for years now, but let me once again reiterate my stance on the dead and snack food. Either you’re deceased or you’re delicious and potentially salty.  You here that, can-man? Unless your name happens to rhyme with Jeef Berky, you can’t be both. Pick a side. We’re at war.


While Pringles may have had the right idea, though – there’s some obvious cribbing from Willy Wonka’s more successful promotion, except instead of a golden ticket to tour a delightful chocolate factory you get the cremated remains of some old guy – I can’t help but feel that history has repeated itself here. Hadn’t they learned from the failed death-snack campaigns of other companies? Stuff like Frito Lay’s Blazin’ Cadaver and Ranch Doritos, Old Dutch’s Restaurant Style Corpsetadas, and Nabisco’s Reduced Fat Carcass in a Biskits. And let’s say, just for a minute, that I don’t want to find the one can that the designer is buried in? What then?


What I learned: Eating Pringles is like playing Russian Roulette, except for the rounds are like the different cans and I guess that would make the round with the bullet the potato with all the dead-guy dust on it….Oh, you get the idea.


~ by Brian Timmerman on June 25, 2008.

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