Protest at the deal

You know what can be exhausting, folks? Protesting at the deal.  I mean, look at the guy on the right. He is protested out. Heck, what with all the doobie roaches and the reefing splifs, he might not even know what he was protesting at.  That’s how much the deal took out this guy is. Yeah….

So in honor of you, Xiang Yong Phuc of Inchon, South Korea, I present you with Anderson Pooper’s top 5 deal protesters:

5. Sat at the deal.

4. Shot at the deal.

3. Stood at the deal.


2. Raged against the deal.

1. Didn’t take the deal.

What I learned: The deal is not to be messed with.


~ by Brian Timmerman on May 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Protest at the deal”

  1. Raged against the deal? You mean took the deal, by dumping the small hip label that got them to the top and signing a big ‘ole honkin’ record deal with the evil machine itself, Sony records. ….Suckin’ up the gravy, with a pocket full of shells….. Musical ain’t it?

  2. […] As I’ve mentioned before here, friends, rioters are a confused breed, misguided nomads and angry sorts that, to be honest, are more than likely just looking for somewhere to hang after Hot Topic closes. But when these ragamuffins start protestually supporting my governing body, well, that’s where I draw the line. Here are a few other folks that need to check their ids at the door if they want to rally behind my causes. I’ve also taken the liberty of offering them more civilized alternatives. […]

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